From single family rentals to fourplexes and apartment buildings to commercial high rises, investing in real estate brings rewards to many.
Investment properties are usually a land or building that is not occupied by the owner and is geared towards profit by means of renting or leasing the property. It is a land that is held for long-term profit generation and capital appreciation. Investment properties are also lands or buildings that are held for undetermined future purposes. They can also be off-plan properties that are still being constructed for future use. One example of these properties is high rise condos, which are gaining popularity in real estate. Investment properties can range from resorts, golf courses, ranches, and gated communities.

When buying property solely as an investment there are a number of things to take into account, both short and long term. From where to buy property, to who will manage and live in the property you’re purchasing. That’s where we come in, Beach Town Real Estate is here to help you research, learn, understand, and eventually buy property that fits your needs both financially and in terms of your own investment goals.

When you buy property, in the long run it’s a wise investment for a number of reasons: tax benefits, how you can leverage other people’s money, appreciation (if you make the right selection), and then cash flow via rental payments.

Knowing how to manage your property investments well is important. Factors like landlord insurance need to be taken into account as well as making sure you have followed the correct safety regulations.

For beginners in the business, start with something small like apartments, small commercial buildings, and homes, because they are simpler investments compared to condos, hotels, and other bigger investment properties.

Once you have your investment properties, the next thing to do is to market the availability and convenience of renting and leasing your property. The best thing to do here is to hire an advertising agent to make the property visible and attract potential clients. Buying investment properties is one of the most profitable businesses today.

Our current economic climate allows for low priced investment properties in the marketplace coupled with difficult financing ability. The demand for renters has been steadily increasing. Therefore, there has been no greater R.O.I. (return on investment) for investment properties than today.  In Palm Beach County over 50% of the sales last year were cash purchases. This is a strong indicating factor that the investor confidence is back.  Research supports the demand for investor purchases will stabilize the housing market.  The best deals out there are becoming more limited as each day passes.  Act now on our wholesale deals in top property management service.

Save Time and Money on Your Investment!


Our goal is to maximize the operating results of each asset through thoughtful planning and effective implementation of management systems, while preserving and increasing the value of your investment.

Our team will always treat you with  courtesy and first class service. In return, we hope to gain your respect and confidence for a long and lasting business relationship. Our commitment to excellence, as well as responsiveness and adaptation to market forces, ensures that we provide the highest caliber of service to our clients.

Managing rental properties can become quickly overwhelming, even for experienced investors. There is always something going on that requires attention and it takes very little time for things to get out of hand. Hiring a property manager can provide an opportunity to regain control and restore stability to both your properties and possibly life in general.  Finding reliable handymen and contractors can take a while and in the mean time you may unknowingly hire people that are unethical, uninsured, do poor quality work, over charge etc. Maintenance and repairs are a significant component of land lording and if you question your ability to ensure the work is done well and in a timely manner, you might want to consider hiring a property management service with Beach Town Real Estate.

An REO (Real Estate Owned) is a property that goes back to the mortgage company after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction. You see, most foreclosure auctions do not even result in bids. After all, if there was enough equity in the property to satisfy the loan, the owner would have probably sold the property and paid off the bank. That is why the property ends up at a foreclosure or trustee sale.  Since what is owed to the bank is almost always more than what the property is worth, very few foreclosure auctions result in a successful sale. Then the property “reverts” to the bank. It becomes an REO, or “real estate owned” property.

The bank now owns the property and the mortgage loan no longer exists. The bank will handle the eviction, if necessary, and may do some repairs. They will negotiate with the IRS for removal of tax liens and pay off any homeowner’s association dues. As a purchaser of an REO property, the buyer will receive a title insurance policy and the opportunity to investigate the property.

How Banks Sell REO Properties
Each bank/lender works a little differently, but they all have similar goals. They want to get the best price possible and have no interest in “dumping” real estate cheaply. Generally, banks have an entire department set up to manage their REO inventory.

Once you make an offer to purchase, banks generally present a “counter-offer.” It may be at a higher price than you expect, but they have to demonstrate to investors, shareholders and auditors that they attempted to get the highest price possible. You should plan to counter the counter-offer.

Your offer or counter-offer will probably have to be reviewed and approved by several individuals and companies. Even once an offer is accepted, the bank may insert wording like “..Subject to corporate approval with 5 days.”

Most banks will not provide financing on their REOs but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Especially if the property has extensive damage and you are purchasing it “as is.”

Before making an offer, have your agent contact the listing agent and ask the following:

• Are there any inspection reports?
• What work has the bank agreed to?
• Is there a special “as is” form?
• How long does it take the bank to accept an offer?
• How does your agent deliver the offer?

Beach Town Real Estate has access to the most recent REO’s in the market place.  Ask one of our Real estate specialists to provide you with a detailed list of the REO inventory.

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